Power Women of the Diaspora: Jenny Garrett of Reflexion Associates

International Coach and Author Talks Being a Breadwinner and Balancing Home Life

Jenny Garrett, founder, Reflexion Associates (Image: Garrett)

Today’s business market is more global than ever, with women making international boss moves from coast to coast. In a special series on women entrepreneurs of the diaspora, BlackEnterprise.com will bring you highlights on power females who have taken their passions and made them profitable – from North America to Europe to Africa and everywhere in between.

Jenny Garrett is passionate about motivating women to live their best life and become inspiring leaders. Garrett, founder of Reflexion Associates, a leadership coaching consultancy based in England, is also author of Rocking Your Role: The How To Guide to Success for Female Breadwinners. BlackEnterprise.com spoke to the British businesswoman about being a breadwinner and managing work life-balance.

BlackEnterprise.com: Did you always plan to transition into being a businesswoman?

Garrett: No, it was never my ambition to run my own business, but I haven’t looked back. It’s the best thing I’ve done. I found a passion for coaching. I knew that the only way to do the work I loved all the time was to become self-employed.

How was your book Rocking Your Role: The How To Guide to Success for Female Breadwinners conceived?

I’ve been the breadwinner for the last six years in my relationship. I didn’t really acknowledge it until it was reflected back to me by my clients, an increasing number of whom are also breadwinners.

I recognized this was a taboo subject that women weren’t talking about, and I set out to understand it better. I began interviewing women and started some online conversations on the topic. I found I had so much material and transformational exercises to support and challenge women’s thinking that I was compelled to turn it into a book.

Ultimately, I want to bring together the tribe of female breadwinners so they can celebrate their success and support each other.

What have been the highlights of your everyday work life?
I love being able to provide work for others and it’s been great to be nominated for awards. I enjoy the freedom, I make the rules and chart my own path. [The work] never stops. Switching off is a challenge, but that’s where the meditation comes in to calm and clear my mind. I also book vacations for my sanity, or I would just keep going.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering becoming a consultant?

Your network is really important. Most of my work has come through connections. Build and nurture your connections in a genuine way before you start so that you have a foundation to build upon.

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Octavia Goredema is founder of relocation resource Crash Course City and the Twenty Ten Club, an award-winning networking organization and online resource designed to connect, inspire and support black female entrepreneurs. Goredema is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, an international network of accomplished individuals in the arts, manufactures and commerce patroned by the Queen Elizabeth II.