How Silence is Your Best Ally in the Office

Just Shut Up: How Silence Can Be Your Best Ally

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They often say closed mouths don’t get fed, but sometimes those that are open a little too wide get led to the door. When it comes to networking and interacting with peers, a little too much chatter can put a major pause on engagement, productivity and progress. Effective listening has always been an asset for leaders, especially when it comes to making major boss moves.

Brazen Careerist writer Tim Murphy agrees, and offers key reasons why being more of a listener can be a major power play in business:

Why quiet is better: Taking a more measured approach and letting people indulge the desire to hear themselves speak can pay off in two ways. First, it lets the person do what they want, which is steer the conversation toward something they know well and like.

If you get a new contact or interviewer going on how great or exclusive or prestigious their company is, it makes them feel good because it’s (indirectly) about them. Now you’ve set the stage for them to form a favorable impression of you. It’s the same reason judges are more lenient after lunch — if their mood is elevated, your chances are way better.

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