The Power of Healthy Relationships in Business

The Power of Healthy Relationships in Business

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We live in an age where everything is based on the number of likes on Facebook or the multitude of followers on Instagram. The reality is there has been such a loss to personal touch in our environment because of this easy access. Ask yourself these questions, has your bottom line increased because of the likes? Did the Instagram followers write you a million-dollar check? If your answer is no, I would challenge you to work on building stronger personal relationships within your business.

Building relationships are key to interpersonal growth. The more you know someone on a deeper level, the greater influence you will have. You can have tons of friends on social media but the reality is you may feel far more disconnected because there is less of an emotional connection. Getting to truly know someone is what opens the door to collaboration and opportunity.

Let me say, I absolutely love technology, However, I would never allow it to replace the power of building meaningful relationships with others. I want to share with you why building personal relationships is so important in growing your business.

Establishing Trust

When you take the time to build a relationship with someone, you begin to establish a trust factor. You now see that person for who they are and the way they operate. I have heard people say they know me because they saw me at an event or had a two-minute conversation with me. The reality is they don’t fully know me until they have spent some quality time with me. Allowing people to see you for you is when you begin to establish trust and move from the surface. When you begin to share your story and are authentic with people, is when your business will begin to shift because you have established trust.

Creates opportunity  

When you build a relationship with someone, it builds credibility. It allows people to know your character and what you bring to the table. It also leaves room for opportunity, so others can work with you, connect with you, and collaborate with you. I don’t collaborate with people who I don’t have common synergy with. Our brands should align and we must have the same values. The only way I will know this is if I spend some time with them and build a personal relationship. In business, collaboration is important and to establish a partnership you must know who you’re partnering with.

Increase your bottom line

People do business with who they know, like, and trust. To attract new clients in your business you must build a relationship. How can you expect people to give you their money if they don’t know you? I’m not saying you should hang out or have dinner with all your clients, but you do have to allow them to enter your world. You must nurture and communicate with your tribe if you want them to do business with you. Until people get to know who you are and what you stand for they are not going to spend money with you. I recently sat down and spoke to internationally acclaimed book publisher Tieshena Davis. She shared with me how her business income began to shift when she shared her story with others. Davis stated that this is when she began to see six-figures in her business.

Building a relationship with others not only builds trust and creates opportunity, it also increases your bottom line. To grow and get to the next level you must be open to building new, powerful, and meaningful relationships.



This article was written by BOSS Network Influencer, Priscilla Q. Williams.

Priscilla Q. Williams is a Registered Nurse, Global Nurse Educator, Speaker, Author and Certified Overflow Coach. She helps women see their brilliance and live the life they truly desire.  Learn more about Priscilla via her website at and follow her on Twitter @p_williams1.