PETA Chides Beyonce and Jay-Z Over Animal Skin Sneakers
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PETA Chides Beyoncé and Jay-Z Over Animal Skin Sneakers

(Image: File)
(Image: File)

PETA has spoken out against Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s  extravagant use of exotic animal skins in their custom-made footwear. At least 5 different animal skins are used in the making of two pairs of luxury sneakers Beyonce and Jay-Z recently commissioned, Hip Hollywood reports.

Jay-Z’s sneaker the “Brooklyn Zoo Jordan I,” is made of alligator, stingray, python, ostrich, crocodile, lizard, elephant, boa, and calf. While Beyonce’s “King Bey Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedge” uses ostrich, calf, anaconda, crocodile, and stingray. Each pair of sneakers reportedly costs as much as $7,000 — $10,000, and takes an entire month to make.

Dan Matthews, senior vice president of PETA released the following statement:

“These shoes seem like they were made for Hannibal Lecter. Why would someone who seems so full of life allow her name to be associated with such grisly death?  The whole idea that the only way to show the world you have a lot of money is by killing as many animals as possible is moronic.  It’s like they killed Noah’s Ark for them.”