Personal Finance Word of the Day: Financial Infidelity

Personal Finance Word of the Day: Financial Infidelity

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In honor of this day, let’s talk about love and money.

Sometimes, couples get to a point where they start hiding things. Financial infidelity is when someone lies to their partner about money.

Financial infidelity could start out as a hidden purchase here and there, but it eventually leads to a closet full of shopping bags and pricey items stowed away under the bed.

How and why does financial infidelity take root? It depends. The reasons for these actions could stem from living a life of lack as a child or fear that the other spouse will disapprove of the purchase. Sometimes the reason is simply greed or defiance.

Do you suspect your spouse or loved one is being financially unfaithful? Are you?

Read on for tips on recognizing the signs of financial infidelity. Take the financial infidelity quiz.