Style Suite: Office Fab in the Bag

Style Suite: You’ve Got Office Fab in the Bag

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Welcome to the Style Suite with Kéla Walker, your source for fashion and style trends for power plays in the workplace. Every Tuesday and Thursday, she’ll share tips and suggestions to help maximize your style on a budget. Whether you’re the style devil in Prada or the apprentice with limited apparel, you’ll find something in the Style Suite to suit your needs.

There’s nothing like seeing a well-dressed professionista pulled together from head to toe in a look that can seal the deal upon arrival. On the flip side, it can be quite painstaking to see an impeccably dressed woman who’s failed to connect her look with that all too important accessory: her purse. And not just any purse, but the right purse.

It sounds like a small factor, but all too often women forget about this essential detail that compliments and completes every look. Not every purse is created equal, and for good reason. What may be good for the club or church may not be OK for work. And just because you have to schlep your entire workload with you daily, doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish while doing so.

It’s best to look for bags with both functionality and fashion. Oftentimes, one is sacrificed for the sake of the other, which means you’re going to end up paying for it the long haul. Don’t! There are plenty of bags on the market that can fit your files, laptop, makeup kit and more and still look good. They may require a little more money and research to find but it will be worth it.

  • Consider a bag with versatility like a crossbody bag. Because we must carry everything plus the kitchen sink with us at all times, your purse becomes really heavy over time, leading you to rely on carrying several smaller bags at once to lighten the load. Instead of looking like a bag lady, consider a purse that offers a variety of ways to carry it. A satchel with a crossbody strap can be carried several ways from the arm to the shoulder and across the body and allows you to distribute the weight of your load.
  • If it’s important for you to carry a separate bag for your laptop, stay away from those old black, nylon bags. Try a computer bag that’s fun, cool and speaks to your personality. There’s no reason you have to tote your electronics around in a mundane bag.
  • Express your personality. I say it all the time about your clothes and the same rings true for your purse.

Bags are always the easiest way to express your creativity and personality in the workplace, so don’t leave this accessory as an afterthought. Choose sleek, sophisticated styles that will complement your look. It may sound funny but pairing the right bag with the right look shows you know how to handle your business—-well, at least in the Style Suite.

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