Patents Approved: Boeing Drone Submarine and Ford Lounge Car

[WATCH] Science Snapshot: Patents Approved for Boeing’s Drone Submarine and Ford’s Autonomous Lounge Car

(Image: PatentYogi)

According to reports Boeing’s patent application for a “rapid deployment air and water vehicle” has been recently approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The remotely operated flying drone can transform into a submarine and could be carried into the deployment area by a host aircraft before detaching from the carrier aircraft and flying on its own. When needed, it can also dive into water.

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The device sheds its wings and propellers, Business Insider’s Benjamin Zhang writes, using explosive bolts and water-soluble glue. Under water, a set of propellers and control surfaces take the place of the wings and propellers that were used in the air.

(Video via YogiPatent)

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