BE Modern Man Spotlights - Passion to Purpose: Salim Weldon

[Passion to Purpose] Meet Salim Weldon, Food Entrepreneur

BE Modern Man Spotlight - Passion to Purpose - Salim Weldon
Salim Weldon, Co-Owner Whimsicle

Name: Salim Weldon

Profession: Co-owner of Whimsicle Popsicle LLC

Age: 31

I have put my passion to purpose by: Focusing on helping our community by providing a health alternative snack as well as mentoring and leading by example. Whimsicle is a all organic fruit, no added sugar popsicle.

Salim Weldon, co-owner of Whimsicle has taken his passion for contributing to the well being of children to a sweet spot. The former Philadelphia Public School counselor and his wife a registered nurse, are making popsicles that are both nutritionally healthy and fun to eat.

Whimsicle is a gourmet fruit pop business dedicated to producing unique, refreshing and most importantly, delicious products. The pops are made from fresh organic fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients which are essential to the quality of the product. The quality of the product being produced has always been of most importance to Weldon. The personal product that is. “I have always loved and had a passion to work with younger males to help mold them into successful positive men,” Weldon tells BE Modern Man. A former counselor Weldon had a direct impact in children’s lives on a daily basis. “My very first mentee now works daily with my popsicle company.”

At just 2 years young, Whimsicle is spreading to communities across the country through actively partaking in events and using social media to spread the buzz. A healthy alternative treat for people of all ages to enjoy, the team leverages their ability to design customizable popsicles in order to fit the desires of the consumer. One key piece of advice Weldon has to go from passion to profit is to just start. “No second guessing or playing around,” says Weldon. “You have to be very confident in yourself and your product. Second step is to do your research and surround yourself around successful people. Mentors and networking is the key to life and will assist in opening doors.”

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