Alternative to Unemployment: Part-Time Work

Alternative to Unemployment? Take On That Part-Time Gig


Although the unemployment rate showed a decline in the last month of the year it does not mean that everyone has found a full time position. Many of those now employed persons could have found a part time solution for the holidays. Although this is not ideal, a part-time position does not afford you stability or benefits, it does bring you closer to your goal. Brazen Careerist weighs the pros and cons of taking on a part-time job and how it can be beneficial in the interim.

Pro: Part-time job hours can be flexible. It may be that you’re only able to work during morning hours or on weekends. In this type of situation, you may be able to find one part-time job to fill your morning hours and another part-time job on Saturdays or Sundays. Most full-time positions don’t offer this type of flexibility, so working one or more part-time jobs may provide you with the work-life balance you need and want.

Con: Extra commuting. One aspect of a 40-hour-a-week job is you normally go to your job at a specific time of day, stay there for eight hours and then go home at the end of your shift. With two or more part-time jobs, it’s likely you’ll spend a considerable amount of time commuting from one to the other (unless you work from home). The time it takes to get to and from numerous part-time jobs can significantly extend your work day.

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