[Part 2] Nicole Nixon Talks Breaking into the Telecom Industry

[Part 2] Nicole Nixon Talks Breaking into the Telecom Industry

(Image: Nicole Nixon)
(Image: Nicole Nixon)

Growing up as the daughter of a minister and single father of 3 girls, the foundation of God, family, and work was instilled early.

Her father always encouraged her to maintain an equally strong relationship with her mother and to develop a strong work ethic with integrity.

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Nicole Nixon landed her first job at age 14, as a Dietary Hostess (“Candy Striper”) at Memorial Hospital at Easton in Easton, Maryland. Over 3 decades later, she is a proud wife and mother of 5, and serves as the CEO/founder of Listing Central, LLC based outside of Washington, D.C. Her illustrious corporate career included working for some of the top telecom companies, such as Verizon and Time Warner Cable, where she became a subject matter expert in database technology, VOIP networks, data management and distribution, and customer service. In 2010, after researching the limitations telecom companies were experiencing with data management and distribution, she launched Listing Central, LLC to solve this industry problem.

Listing Central’s primary customers are telephone companies that offer phone service, regardless of their network. This includes cable companies, VOIP carriers (Voice Over Internet Protocol), and Network Providers who only sell phone numbers, traditional phone providers, or those voice providers who have not yet identified themselves in the telecom market throughout the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada.

BlackEnterprise.com caught up with Nicole to share quick tips on how to break into the telecom industry:

Your Role – The telecom industry is always changing and if you don’t know your role, and how you fit, you’ll miss present and subsequent opportunities. Know clearly what you bring to the table, the unique value you provide and how to communicate your ‘edge’ in the marketplace.

Your Knowledge – It’s important that you understand the history of telecom and the many transitions networks have taken. Make sure that you acquire a trusted mentor and attend industry events that educate, empower, and fuel your specific niche.

Your Respect – You might be an expert in your focus area, but always respect the work of others before you.  You never know when you might need their help to support you.

Your Customers – It’s important to listen to your customers to understand their needs. If you don’t solve a problem for their needs, you won’t have a business.

Your Network – Your knowledge in telecom will get you started. The relationships you’ve built with others in telecom will keep you going, and growing.

For more information about Listing Central, LLC feel free to visit their website at www.ListingCentralLLC.com.