[Part 1] Nicole Nixon Shares How To Be Bold And Balanced In Business

[Part 1] Nicole Nixon Shares How To Be Bold And Balanced In Business

(Image: Nicole Nixon)
(Image: Nicole Nixon)

Nicole’s illustrious career included working for some of the top telecom companies such as Verizon and Time Warner Cable, where she became a subject matter expert in database technology, VOIP networks, data management and distribution, and customer service.

In 2010, after researching the limitations telecom companies were experiencing with data management and distribution, she launched Listing Central L.L.C. to solve this industry problem.

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Listing Central’s  primary customers are telephone companies that offer phone service, regardless of their network. This includes cable companies, VoIP carriers (Voice over Internet Protocol), network providers who only sell phone numbers, traditional phone providers, or those voice providers who have not yet identified themselves in the telecom market throughout the United States including Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada.

Nicole shares three tips here that every woman entrepreneur can benefit from by being bold and balanced in the marketplace:

1. Always make time for family – There will never be enough time in a day to finish your work; but ALWAYS make time for family. This is the No. 1 priority and asset.

2. Never make decisions based on fear – Men and women make decisions differently. There will be many challenges, but make your decisions based on relevant strategies that drive results. What you know to work and not what you “hope” will get it done.

3. Don’t be afraid to fail – The only way you can FAIL is if you fall and never get up.  Failure is your proof that the first path didn’t work, so create a second one that will. Girl, you got this.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2.