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Palin vs. Biden

The debate is over.  To her credit, Palin made no gaffes and gained confidence as the debate went on. Her refusal to answer questions and numerous attempts to manipulate the conversation by changing the question was troubling, but likely worked in her favor. Palin also resisted Biden’s efforts to link the McCain campaign to the Bush administration, but Biden was persistent and subtle. For his part, Biden kept his exuberance in check and didn’t say anything that could have been misconstrued.

An image that will likely be splashed across Websites tomorrow will be of Palin after the debate chatting with Biden and his family and holding her baby.

Ifill could have been more forceful with both candidates, requiring them to answer the questions put before them. Perhaps because of the questions about her impartiality she opted to let too many things go.

Who won? The pundits and the polls will let us know in the coming days.

Wrapping Up — 10:29 — Palin says it was great to meet Biden finally and that she would like to do more of the debates and talk to Americans without the filter of the Main Stream Media. She says that she is proud to be an American. She quotes Ronald Reagan, and says that she and McCain will fight for Americans.

Biden’s turn: This is the most important election that you’ll ever vote in. Says there’s a need in a fundamental change in the course of the country.  He closes with a hope for safety for the troops abroad.

Changing the tone — 10:35: As No. 2, Biden says that he’ll work across the aisle to get work for America done. Ditto for Palin. Proof is in the pudding.

Maverick — 10:24: Finally, Biden has had it up to hear about McCain’s maverick status. McCain ain’t no James Garner.

Flaws — 10:18: In response to a question that what she thinks of the conventional wisdom that she lacks experience, Palin lists her experience as a hockey mom and how she connects to middle America. She doesn’t quite answer the question, but says she and McCain combined have the experience needed to move the country forward. Biden’s issue: his ability to open mouth and insert foot. He prefers to call it his passion for an issue. Biden just choked up when talking about being a single father and his wife and daughter who died in a car crash years ago.

Aw Shucks Moment — 10:12: Palin just said “dog gone it” and told Biden that his wife’s reward will be in heaven because she is a teacher. Bringing a folksy tone to the campaign, Palin gave a shout out to schools and teachers in Alaska. Interesting ploy as she attempts to appeal to Joe Six-Pack and hockey moms across America.

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