Students Turn To the Web to Study

The Rise of Online Study Halls

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With many colleges and universities embracing digital initiatives, students are turning to the Web to supplement their professors’ lectures and after-class study sessions.  Online academic hub Chegg conducted two surveys in July of this year, both of which showed students’ shift to educational resources online.

“There is a student-driven revolution taking place in higher education,” said Chegg President and CEO Dan Rosensweig to Mashable. “We’re seeing students take back their education, empower themselves and look outside their schools for technology, tools and resources to help them succeed.”

According to the surveys, which were taken by 849 undergraduate and graduate students, 47% of students plan to or are contemplating using an online study group this upcoming academic year. The survey also revealed that 51% would be open or extremely receptive to chatting online with an expert.

The two surveys were conducted with the help of Survey Monkey.

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