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One Prize, But Hundreds Of Winners

the foundation for a wealth-building mindset. The Papillions are an excellent example of this. The sacrifice and financial discipline it took for them to curtail their spending, pare down their debt, build up their credit scores and save toward a down payment, will continue to serve them as they set and pursue the other wealth-building principles covered in our Declaration of Financial Empowerment. As Kimberly Papillion tells Personal Finance Editor Matthew S. Scott in our cover story, “Owning our first home is just the beginning. We also want to invest our money and save more.”

Indeed, this is only the beginning. If you are not a homeowner, we have a lot more work to do at BE to get you to believe that homeownership is possible for you and to move you to action. I urge those of you who are homeowners to inform and inspire others to take this critical step in our crusade to build black wealth. Let’s create more winners through homeownership.