Old FBI Letter Demonizes Martin Luther King, Jr.

Old FBI Letter Demonizes Martin Luther King, Jr.

Image: History Channel

History buffs will be impressed to learn just how intent the government was in attempting to destroy Martin Luther King, Jr.’s character.

An uncensored and truly vitriol-filled letter was sent directly to the Civil Rights leader following his 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech. Serving as a haunting reminder of just how vehement the federal government can be, the letter berates the married father of four as an “evil, abnormal beast,” and tries to convince him to commit suicide.

King, who was supposed to believe that the letter stemmed from a disenchanted follower, believed that it originated from the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover. His hunch was later confirmed by the Senate’s Church Committee on intelligence overreach. “King, like all frauds your end is approaching,” the letter read. “You could have been our greatest leader.”

You can read the letter in full below:

Image: New York Times

Upon closer inspection, the word “evil” makes six appearances in the text. Variations of the word “filth” and “abnormal” were used far too much. The letter also dredges alleged instances of infidelity, which were reportedly accompanied by tapes of said infidelity, as an attempt to blackmail MLK into killing himself. “What incredible evilness,” the letter excitedly proclaims, listing off “sexual orgies,” “adulterous acts” and “immoral conduct.” Near the end, it circles back to its initial target and suggests that the intimate knowledge of MLK’s sex life would be made public in 34 days.

If MLK didn’t follow through with the deadline, the unknown author would ensure that King’s “filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation.”

SOURCE: Complex / New York Times