Top 7 Office Fashion Mistakes [Photo Gallery]

7 Deadly Sins of Office Fashion

This week, we start our 7 Deadly Sins series, where we cover top mistakes, blunders and snafus of the office, from fashion to communication to management. Follow our series to ensure you don't make the same mistakes, and find ways to correct yourself if you have.

Office ethics and fashion choices can be tricky topics on their own. Put them together and it can easily create a major problem. Dressing for the office doesn’t have to be all work and no play. The key is finding that balance, and making sure that you’re sending the right message. “Overall, one should really be concerned with how they present themselves and how they represent the brand, meaning whoever you work for,” says Shawn Outler, a Macy’s vice president. spoke further with Outler to get insight on the top office attire vices and how not to commit professional style offenses. ---Dominique Hobdy