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In the News: Obama to Announce Troop Pullout; Shaq Talks Future in Business; Study Shows Men Network Better

President Barack Obama rings in his 50th birthday in Chicago Wednesday (Image: File)

President Barack Obama is set to announce the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan Wednesday (Image: File)

  • Obama to Announce Troop Pullout in Afghanistan War

President Barack Obama is set to announce Wednesday evening the withdrawal of 10,000 troops from Afghanistan this year, and another 20,000 troops by the end of next summer, according to administrative officials.

Troops will begin leaving as early as next month, with the first installment removing up to 5,000 troops from the 10-year war.

Obama’s address is scheduled to talk from the White House at 8 pm Eastern time. The White House is streaming the announcement on

  • Russell Simmons’ Prepaid RushCard Investigated Over Hidden Fees

Russell Simmons believes in today’s world you have to have plastic. In fact, the iconic hip-hop mogul envisioned everyone in the country “to have access to the American Dream” with the creation of his RushCard. However for Simmons, his pre-paid Visa card has recently faced scrutiny from the Florida Attorney General’s Office, claiming the card may be forcing consumers to pay hidden fees each time they make a purchase.

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  • Shaq Dreams Big When It Comes To His Future In Business

Shaquille O’Neal strutted through his Windermere, Fla., ten-in-one arena sized mansion and much of his NBA-going away party with the devilish look of a teenager who knew– at least thought he knew–- something no one else in the world had quite yet figured out.

And why wouldn’t he? Over the course of his 19-year all-star caliber career, the 7-1, 300-plus pounder displayed a sort of Midas touch few others could challenge. Only the Hall of Fame likes of O’Neal can boast of having won four titles, grossed millions upon millions in revenue (modest estimates put his NBA earnings alone in the neighborhood of $300 million) yet realistically speak of perhaps now embarking on an equally lucrative and perhaps even more exciting second stanza.

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  • Obama Impersonator: My Political Affiliation is “Entertainer”

While his striking resemblance to the president has earned him national notoriety, we were curious about Reggie Brown, the 30-year-old comedian who regularly impersonates Obama for Fox News, and most recently made headlines after performing his shtick before an audience of conservatives at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.

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  • Are Men Better Networkers Than Women? [Study]

Men are generally better networkers, except when it comes to industries like tobacco and ranching.

At least, that’s according to findings by LinkedIn‘s analytics team. The researchers also found that men were better networkers in the cosmetics industry.

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