NYC Healthcare Worker and COVID-19 Survivor Is Urging Women to Stay Away From Their Moms on Mother's Day
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NYC Healthcare Worker and COVID-19 Survivor Is Urging Women to Stay Away From Their Moms on Mother’s Day

Charrell Cooper with her mother and Nana
Image: Charrell Cooper

The COVID-19, or novel coronavirus, pandemic has caused healthcare systems in states to work at max capacity just to take care of the growing number of new patients entering the emergency rooms from the viral outbreak. With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, many may be tempted to see their mother on Sunday. After a big scare, one New York City healthcare worker and COVID-19 survivor is urging you to stay home.

Charrell Cooper works as a pediatric physical therapist for children with cardiac and pulmonary needs at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Despite the health risks, Cooper still went into work knowing the importance of her work at the hospital.

“Working as a physical therapist is a deeply challenging, but rewarding role. Encouraging and motivating people to start moving directly after complex medical conditions, surgeries or transplants can be extremely difficult,” said Cooper in an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE.

“Physical therapists are constantly in close contact with patients during mobilization, which may include transferring patients to/from bed to a chair or during ambulation (walking). You can imagine that when initially treating COVID-19 patients we had fear about protecting the patients and protecting ourselves. Not only were we concerned with getting COVID-19, we were nervous about spreading COVID-19 to our fellow co-workers, patients, and families.”

When she received a positive result from her COVID-19 test, she was caught off guard because she had no underlying health conditions. She stayed in her New York apartment for more than a month in quarantine, where she had the virtual support of her family, especially her mother and Nana, to keep her going.

As she moves toward a full recovery, Cooper wanted to do something special for others on this upcoming Mother’s Day in quarantine. Cooper is urging others to practice social distancing in light of the holiday to protect others who are vulnerable to the virus. She created the #MakeTheCall initiative in collaboration with shapewear marketplace Shapermint, dedicating the rest of her recovery to spreading the word about the importance of social distancing.

“The best way that I could give back to my family was to encourage as many people as I could to stay home for Mother’s Day. I wanted a larger platform and even got in touch with Shapewear marketplace Shapermint after seeing its #MakeTheCall initiative for people to continue social distancing guidelines no matter how their states’ stay-at-home rules have changed,” she explained.

“I would encourage families to use this time to be creative, celebrate life, and have fun with their family! Have a zoom/virtual dance party, karaoke, or a fashion show of what outfits they would’ve worn for Mother’s Day. Families can have a virtual dinner together or play games. Share your favorite memories of your grandmothers or mothers.”