Nurse Alice: 5 Healthy Gifts for Dad

Nurse Alice: 5 Healthy Gifts for Dad

Father’s Day is around the corner, are you ready to celebrate Dad? Of course, it falls in the month of June, which is Men’s Health Month, so all the more reason to get dad something special. We love our fathers and male role models. They are protectors and providers and it’s important that we make sure they are happy and healthy so they can continue to lead our families and communities.

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If you’re like most Americans, you will spend on average between $90-$115 on a gift for dad this Father’s Day. And most gifts will be a combination of a greeting card, special outing, and clothes. Now those aren’t bad gifts, however, as America’s favorite nurse I want to help you find the perfect gift to help you keep dad’s mind, body, and soul healthy. Dad deserves a gift that keeps on giving. Here are my top five Father’s Day gift ideas:

Exercise gear


If we want dad to exercise, he should really dress the part. One of the No. 1 excuses people use not to exercise is because they say they don’t have the appropriate shoes or gym clothes. And this could be a valid point. Not having the correct shoes while running can actually cause injuries. So opt for some true “running or walking” shoes versus a pair of Air Force one high tops. Having proper fitting clothes can also prevent injuries.

Gym membership with trainer sessions


We know men don’t like instructions—or asking for directions—but that doesn’t apply in the gym. Many men actually want to know what exercises to do to work certain areas of their bodies. So go the extra mile and add a few trainer sessions to dad’s gym membership to help him get on the right track. Having a good trainer will show him how to exercise safely and can add some motivation to the workout.

Get dad a new calendar


Help dad get organized. With work, family, church, the kids, and sports events, it’s hard to stay on schedule. And let’s be honest, most Americans don’t do a good job at scheduling time for themselves. So get dad an organizer and while you’re at it insert some loving, healthy reminders in there. Jot in some important health appointment reminders like, “Make your annual eye appointment with Dr. Smith at 123-456-7890.” Make it easy for him to take better control of his health.

Healthy meal delivery


Broaden dad’s taste buds by buying him a healthy home meal service delivery plan such as Blue Apron or Home Chef. They’re cost-effective and help with healthy meal planning. This saves dad time and money on shopping for healthy foods, freeing him up to exercise, meditate, or read. He might need a little help actually cooking it when it arrives but that’s where the fun comes in and it can then become a fun family activity.

A great book


Help keep dad’s mind sharp by stimulating it with a good read. Just like you should train your muscles to increase your physical capability, you should also train your “mental muscles” to increase your mental capacity. Reading the right book can promote mental wellness, motivation, self-awareness and confidence. (Audio books are great too.) Aging men often fear losing their mental capacity and independence. So help dad ward that off. Here are two great reads I recommend written by fathers.