In Portland, a NIKEiD Design Consultant Tells All

In Portland, a NIKEiD Design Consultant Tells All

If footwear is a personal expression of your individual fashion sense, then Nike’s got you covered. NIKEiD is a division of the company where the consumer can finally stand alone with their personal choice in colors, design and even options to put your name on it. spoke with one of the NIKEiD design consultants, Kyle Flowers. He talks about an average day in NIKEiD world and what he considers to be the perfect sneaker. I bet you can’t guess what it is. Explain what your typical day is like.

Kyle Flowers: A day in my Nike life revolves around maximizing the customization, personalization and design experience of the everyday consumer looking to add a unique style and flavor to Nike’s already existing innovative footwear line ranging from Running, Basketball, Cleated, Training and Sportswear; as well as the newly introduced Baby Booties. Providing a spark for costumers to exude their creative juices gets me all warm and fuzzy inside! It’s my duty to ensure the sometimes two-hour process of designing the 1 of 1 shoe with the right materials and colors, and personal ID leaves the designer with that same feeling!

What is it about the Nike brand you love compared to other sneaker shoe designers?

Nike is the leading innovator in athletic footwear, apparel and equipment, that has a rich history and foundation in the landscape of sports. It has also transitioned its way to the lifestyle realm and made a stamp that is second to none!

What made you relocate to Portland?

Nike’s world headquarters are located in Beaverton, Oregon, which is an outskirt city of Portland. It is the mecca of all things Nike, so coming here to get a start in the company felt right! It was my calling. My ambition and brand passion led me here too so to speak. Had Nike been in St. Louis, Phoenix, Austin, or Oklahoma City, that’s where Kyle Flowers would be.

How do (would) you use the skills from your college degree for Nike?

Well, while still continuing my Graphic Design Degree at Portland St. University, the learning process continues to expand. The design market is ever growing and my skills obtained from Florida A&M University and now Portland St. University allows me to make a fluid transition. Networking and repetition with tricks of the trade with programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and 3D programs combined with my passion for art and design makes the move feel natural.

What is your ultimate career goal with the company?

The ultimate goal is to have a role as a Designer in Nike Basketball, Football, or Sportswear. However, my passion for Nike is so huge and the company does so well with vertical and horizontal movement, I would find enjoyment in roles as a Product Line Manager, Brand Marketing, or an EKIN (Nike tech reps).

What’s your favorite Nike shoe and why?

As a “sneakerhead,” we in the sneaker world would call it a “Holy Grail.” So with that being said the (Concord) Air Jordan XI (11) has been that since the day MJ himself made its debut with them on while playing for the Chicago Bulls. The patent leather upper gives the shoe a smooth off court look contoured for the on-court game for the best to ever do it!