New Kendrick Lamar Single Artwork Builds Anticipation For Sophomore Album
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New Kendrick Lamar Single Artwork Builds Anticipation For Sophomore Album

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For those not keeping score, Top Dawg’s Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith announced a few months back through his Twitter that six releases would round out 2014. With four albums out and two left on the table, it seems that speculation has turned to Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock.

On the eve of the former’s interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Compton’s king of rap surprised the world with cover art for a new single titled “I”. Labeled as “new music” directly from an email from Tiffith, there is confusion as to what this impeding release actually is. The “I” image on the cover features a person dressed in gangland blue facing a person in gangland red. Both are making similar hand gestures.

Twitter and the conspiracy theorists of rap have begun to propose what the song and its imagery actually mean, but according to the music pundits, we will all have to wait until Sept. 23 to see what it is all about. While the move certainly has reinvigorated interest in the release of a new project, the 27-year-old rap phenom has mostly been silent about any information relevant to the album.

Sources at Interscope Records have let one tidbit go that Los Angeles based musician Rahki (Eminem’s “Won’t Back Down,” Curren$y’s “Weekend at Burnies”) produced the highly anticipated single. “You’re only as good as your last piece of work,” Kendrick Lamar said of his forthcoming album back in June. “So, now it’s about what’s right now and me putting that same 110 percent that I did with the last one.”

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SOURCE: Independent UK