How to Network on a Shoestring Budget

Boss Moves on a Budget: How to Network Without Breaking the Bank

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Growing your career means finding ways to meet and build relationships with people. Attending events, looking the part and partaking in the scene is definitely not cheap and can be a daunting task when faced with a limited budget. Maybe you’re new to the area, in between jobs, or just looking to broaden your base. offers affordable and easy options for the frugal-minded networker.

1. Great Minds Think Alike

“Neighbors getting together to learn something do something share something” is the main goal of, an online platform that allows users to create groups around common interests and organize local gatherings. From Young Lesbian Professionals to Alpine Hiking & Climbing, this enterprising website provides users with countless opportunities to meet individuals from a diverse array of industries and personal interests. One can find virtually any professional group, but if a specific area of interest is not covered, users can create their very own Meetup.

These get-togethers can also soften the uncomfortable blow of jumping from one career to another. A user switching from healthcare to finance, for instance, might decide to join a Finance Meetup to learn from and network with guest speakers and other finance professionals, or even create a Meetup specifically for finance professionals passionate about the health care sector. Make sure to closely read the details of each Meetup event, which range from free to cheap to costly, depending on the organization and type of event.

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