’N’etiquette 101: How To Make Friends At A Tech Conference

N’etiquette 101: How To Make Friends at a Tech Conference

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Attending a conference can be a nerve wrecking experience, especially if you don’t have the proper etiquette. BlackEnterprise.com has you covered. Check out these five tools to help you survive your next tech conference:

1. Look good.
Attending a conference, or any business meeting for that matter, you will be judged by your appearance. What you choose to wear says a lot about how professional you are and your reputation. When picking out an outfit, be sure it’s appropriate so you will be perceived in the right manner.

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2. Silence all technology.
This should go without saying, but the moment you enter the building, be sure that your phone and all other tablets have their ringer off. Even if you think you’re being quiet or nobody is paying attention, you are still posing a distraction and disrespecting the speakers.

3. Bring enough business cards.
How many times have you met somebody and not had your business card on you? At a tech conference, networking is a major part of the experience, and the connections you gain can further your career. Be sure to have enough, and make sure they are appealing.

4. Do your homework.
Before going to a conference, do your homework and figure out who will be speaking, who you want to meet, and what you want to get out of it. There’s nothing worse than bumping into one of the presenters in the bathroom and having no idea of who they are.

5. Be prepared with enough notebook paper, pens, or extra batteries for your laptop/ tablet.
Chances are there won’t be enough outlets in the room for everybody to use, and scrambling to find a pen last minute would be stressful enough.

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