Nestlé Includes GPS Tracker in Kit-Kat Bars, Winners Receive $16,000

Nestlé Includes GPS Tracker in Kit-Kat Bars

(Image: Flickr)
(Image: Flickr)

United Kingdom-based chocoholics will likely have an extra special treat included in their Nestlé’s Kit-Kat bar.

The candy maker has announced it is placing a GPS tracker inside four versions of Kit-Kat bars across the pond as part of its “We Will Find You Campaign.” The select bars, which hit shelves earlier this month, include Kit-Kat 4 Finger, Kit-Kat Chunky, Yorkie Milk and Aero Peppermint.

While the candy bar will appear like a regular Kit-Kat, the navigation device can be found inside the wrapper. When select Nestlé customers unwrap their candy bars, the GPS device will activate, alerting Nestlé.  A “prize team” will then locate the winner within 24 hours and hand him or her a check for £10,000 (the equivalent of $16,000). The six winners must return the devices upon retrieving their prize, according to Nestlé’s terms and conditions.

Rebecca Boyle of POPSCI describes Nestlé’s GPS-enabled candy bars as “a 21st-century version of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket.”

Nestlé’s latest campaign is geared towards men, who are thought to rely heavily on navigation devices. The Swiss company is supporting the marketing efforts with television ads and a smartphone campaign where users are directed to scan QR codes on Kit-Kat ads or use NFC-equipped phones to enter an online competition. The snack company will be awarding an additional number of prizes online via Facebook. Those winners will be notified immediately through an on-screen pop-up message and by email one working day from prize verification.

With 150 Kit-Kat bars consumed worldwide every second, imagine how much consumer data can be transferred to Nestlé headquarters. We reached out to Nestlé UK for comment, but they did not disclose their plans for the data aggregated.

Will Nestlé bring their GPS tracking ways stateside? Tell us what you think about the company’s decision to sell GPS-enabled candy bars in the comments section.