48% of Single Women Research Dates on Facebook

Love & Tech: 48% of Single Women Research Dates on Facebook

Ladies, if you thought you were alone when it came to Facebook snooping on your situation or soon-to-be beau, take comfort in knowing nearly half of all women do it–at least that’s what a recent Match.com survey revealed.

The online dating service’s “Singles in America” study, which asked over 5,000 single and married people about their dating habits, revealed 48% of single women research a partner on the popular social networking site before the first date, meanwhile only 38% of men conduct pre-date research on Facebook. In fact, guys are against researching someone prior to a first date with nearly half (49%) of men finding it inappropriate.

Interestingly enough, the digital dating study also revealed not many singles are turning to the platform to find a date.

For the rest of Match.com’s findings, take a look at the infographic below: