Nearly 10% Of Americans Go To Work High On Marijuana

Survey: Nearly 10% Of Americans Go To Work High On Marijuana

Image: PA

Marijuana in the workplace and its legalization within America are both huge topics. A recent study conducted by SurveyMonkey has found out that nearly 10% (9.74% to be exact) go to work under the influence of the cannabis drug.

Roughly 534 Americans were open enough to share their prescription and marijuana drug taking habits with the poll when it comes directly to situations in the workplace. Of that small fraction, 80.77% confess that they come about procuring the drug illegally. With an estimated 22 million pounds of reefer grown each year in the United States, advocates have been calling for the legalization of the drug and states such as Washington and Colorado have made it so for recreational use. It is legal for medicinal purposes in 23 states and Washington, D.C.

When you consider that employers in America notoriously don’t require their employees to take a drug test, it is fertile ground for recreational drug users to stay employed unnoticed.

SOURCE: Mashable