Know Our Status: HIV/AIDS Among Blacks and Lessening the Numbers
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Know Our Status: HIV/AIDS Among Blacks and How to Decrease Numbers

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How often should people get tested?

The general rule of thumb is that people should be tested annually. They should get tested based on their level of risk. If at high risk for infection, you need to test more often.

What is OraSure doing to aid those infected with the virus, and how it helping in terms of prevention?

OraSure is a medical diagnostic company. We empower people to test for the virus in the easiest, most non-invasive way and get their results in 20 minutes. They can test in the privacy of their own homes with OraQuick® In-Home HIV test. It’s the first and only rapid test of its kind that can be used at home.

We know that our products have helped in the war against HIV and AIDS. For those who have HIV, we also now have a test for hepatitis C (HCV), one of the leading causes of death for those with HIV. The co-infection rate is high, so those who test positive for HIV should also make sure to test for HCV. Hepatitis C can now be easily tested for with our rapid OraQuick HCV test.

How can we as a community lower the number of those infected?

The first step in HIV/AIDS detection is to know your status. If we got everybody to test and know their status, we would be in a much better place in the ability to lower our numbers. Those who know their HIV positive status live longer, are healthier, and are much less likely to transmit the virus. They can take precautions to make it less likely to spread. When people know their status and know they are positive, they are more likely to reduce their risky behaviors. Knowing your status is an important first step.

There are also medications that are available to reduce the chance of infection for people who are negative and plan on having sex with someone who is HIV positive.

Share this with your loved ones and know your status. Check here for a list of locations and online retailer that sell the OraQuick® In-Home HIV Test.