Movie Theater Charges Extra for Middle Seats

Movie Theater Charges Extra for Middle Seats

What would you do if your local theater only let patrons who paid more money sit in the middle seats?

Believe it or not, this hypothetical situation has recently become a reality in a Canadian movie theater.

Cineplex, which owns the Toronto theater, plans to start charging moviegoers an additional fee if they want to sit in a seat in the middle of the theater.

Consumerist reports Cineplex is not offering anything special in return for the extra fee. There will not be more legroom or any perks.

“These are just the same old seats that have always been available to moviegoers on a first-come basis, except for more money,” says Consumerist.

Furthermore, the middle seats won’t be reserved. A representative from the theater says a ticket-holder who did not pay the additional fee could take a middle seat. However, the customer would be asked to move if someone who did pay the extra fee arrives later on during the movie.

Would you pay extra for a middle seat? Do you think this practice is fair? Leave a comment below.