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Motivational Monday: The Weapon of Mass Construction

2. Put a mentor "wish list" together and start recruiting a mentor ASAP.

Who doesn’t want to get ahead? Most people envision something bigger, greater and better for themselves than what they have. Even more, once they attain one goal it’s on to the next major coup. Ambition is great. But it’s also limiting. Applying laser focus on your goals robs you of the opportunity to help others, and receive the positive energy that comes back to you when you give.

So…you may be thinking, “I have to worry about myself– I ain’t got time for that.” Now, since everyone isn’t going to be able to innately channel the “each one, teach one” mentality, think of it this way: Someone had to open the door for you. If they didn’t where would you be? And… if they don’t where will you go? Helping doesn’t sound so bad after all, huh?

Being a connector doesn’t have to be an additional job. It simply requires one thing: paying attention. You should listen to details in conversations (did your secretary mention a goal that you have insight on how to achieve). You should note the skills others exceptionally execute (is your colleague great at creating marketing plans). You should pay attention to who needs what (is your boss looking for an expert in a specific area that you well connected in). A connector simply makes thorough ‘needs assessments’ and offers smart, considerate and strategic options to others. They know helping others is the only way to truly live a successful, fulfilled life. Most important, they value operating with integrity and mutual respect– and not the unwarranted or self-serving hook-up.

This week take the time to think about how you can integrate the power of making positive connections into your personal arsenal. It’s weapon of mass construction.


Here are some tips that will help you become a supercharged connector:

  1. Be a masterful assessor of strengths. Don’t underestimate the power of your perception. If you think someone possesses an exceptional skill (from cooking to accounting) it will likely be of value to others. Note who does what well.
  2. Compliment. Support. Encourage. Many people are quick to highlight their faults, but fail miserably when it is time to shout their own praises. Become a genuine cheerleader.
  3. Offer assistance– to the worthy. Don’t default to helping lazy, unprepared or unprofessional relatives and friends make connections. It will only damage your professional relationships and create needless drama. Help those who are being proactive.