Mompreneur Creates Interactive Membership Hair Salon for Children

‘Mompreneur’ Creates Interactive Membership Hair Salon for Children

Braids of Natural Art, founded in 2010 and located in Atlanta, G.A., is the first interactive natural hair membership salon for children. Parents pay a monthly fee for children’s haircare services, including braids, twists and shampoos, and service for ages 1 up to age 16. It was founded by Zakee, a single mother of four, who knew at the young age of 15 that she wanted to create an interactive salon for children.

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Zakee aspired to create a place where children had the freedom to be themselves; unlike in traditional salons.  Zakee attributes her salon success to having a passion for children, and holds an associate degree in early childhood education and a bachelor of art degree in child development. What is unique about Braids of Natural Art is that it’s a fun and welcoming environment for children. Children are able to participate in fun activities while being serviced. Zakee bootstrapped the startup money to open the salon by selling memberships at a very low price to a hand-picked selection of clients.

“I looked in different magazines, found the presidents and founders of different magazines, and sent them brochures, business and gift cards. Once I was able to get them in the salon, or on the phone, I would sell them the memberships for the whole year. Parents could pay a low price of $550 for the whole year and that price included braids and shampoos. I was able to sell 45 annual memberships and this gave me the startup capital to operate and run the business. After two years, I put customers on automatic payments and raised the prices to market value for all services,” Zakee explained.

The salon services a variety of clients, including single moms, single dads, and adoptive parents who have children of other ethnicities who are struggling to care for their child’s hair. Monthly membership prices start at $86 a month. You can learn more by visiting their website at