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Mobile Snapshots

I know that digital cameras are now standard on most cell phones, but besides taking pictures of business contacts (who never really want to be photographed) and snapping random shots to send occasionally to my friends, what can I do with it?
-Anonymous, Via the Internet

As mobile phone technology has advanced, the ways in which we can use our cell phones have expanded tremendously. Who would have thought that in a few short years we would have gone from simple instant messaging to Skype-ing (Internet phone calls; and Meebo-ing (Web IM for multiple messaging platforms;

But, I digress. In terms of what to do with your phone’s digital camera, check out what the folks at SnapTell have developed ( Currently targeted at retailers, content providers, and Web publishers (among others), the company has developed proprietary image-recognition technology that lets you use your phone’s camera to do a number of things. My favorite is the mobile marketing solution called “Snap. Send. Get,” which enables shopping and comparison shopping. Say you’re looking for a digital camera but you want to get the best price. Simply snap an image of the device’s sales tag at the store, send it to SnapTell, and receive price comparison via SMS. The same can be done with other goods and services. Wine Enthusiast is already employing it. Look for it to hit the mainstream soon.