Miss Nigeria USA 2015 in New York City
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Miss Nigeria USA 2015: Empowering Women Through Culture and Class

(Image: miamiherald.com)

Looking for a great reason to get all dressed up and celebrate the beauty that is culture? Well, look no further. On Saturday, May 23rd, The Annual Miss Nigeria USA Pageant will take place at the Alvin Ailey Theater in New York City.

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Founded in 2014, the Miss Nigeria USA was established with the aim of celebrating the Nigerian woman while appreciating their beauty, talent, skills and other unique attributes and goals she exhibits. The contestants will be given the opportunity to demonstrate their physical, cultural and intellectual attributes as we choose a goodwill ambassador who will represent Miss Nigeria USA Pageant and Nigeria as a whole on a positive light.

The pageant aims to be recognized as a leading world organization empowering young women and supporting them towards achieving their individual goals as they promote their culture.

“The Miss Nigeria USA Pageant is a women’s empowerment and Education movement”. Said Ojinika Obiekwe, Host of PIX 11 Morning news in NYC.  “MNUSA  recognizes that Africa’s future is female and in order to ensure a bright future, it is critical that there is a global focus on stepping up our investment in women and girls.”

Miss Nigeria USA includes contestants from across the United States who stand to represent their cities and states while enhancing their native country’s knowledge and promoting their cultural values; thus, creating a breed of leaders and goal oriented individuals.

The contestants are provided with the opportunity to improve their social skills, improve confidence level, poise, communication skills, personality development, goal setting, career planning, health and fitness. They will also participate in cultural celebrations, parades and fashion shows throughout their pageant experience. The title is earned through hard work and dedication, demonstration of self-confidence, intelligence, beauty and elegance.

The major sponsors for this year’s Miss Nigeria USA pageant are, Arik Air, Dream Castle Villa Montego Bay Jamaica, Nylon magazine, Kaftan Citra, Artistry, and several others.

For more information and tickets for the annual Miss Nigeria USA pageant, taking place at the Alvin Ailey theater on May 23rd, 2015 at 5 pm, visit Miss Nigeria USA.