Michelle Obama: 'Barack is Still That Leader' Four Years Ago

Michelle Obama: ‘Barack is Still That Leader’ From Four Years Ago

From the Root.

Gearing up for her Democratic National Convention address this evening, First Lady Michelle Obama is doing what she does best: assuring Americans that her husband, President Barack Obama, is still the man for the job.

During a conference call with media outlets, the first lady advocated for the president and his policies and discussed her speech to take place tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I think my job tonight is going to be to remind people about who my husband is, because even though he’s a very likable president, he’s been the president, and he’s had a very serious role,” she said.

“Four years ago millions of people across this country came together and elected the leader they knew would stand up for them in office, and I want people to know that Barack is still that leader. He is still driven by the core values and principles that made him want to do this incredibly tough job in the first place.”

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