Michael Jackson Estate Pays Model $55,000 for “Thriller” Video

Michael Jackson Estate Pays Model $55,000 for “Thriller” Video

Ola Ray, Michael Jackson’s gorgeous girlfriend in the unforgettable “Thriller” video, filed suit against MJ’s estate and his production company in May of 2009 for a breach of contract, reports TMZ. Ray filed her claim with the courts just one month before the King of Pop passed away, stating she was still owed a large sum of money from accumulated “Thriller” royalties.

Michael Jackson’s estate and the production company settled with Ray earlier last year, but the payout amount has now been said to be $55,000 in addition to $20,000 in lawyers’ fees. And Ola’s not the only one going after the estate for owed royalty payments. John Landis, who directed the legendary “Thriller” video, “filed a similar lawsuit,” says TMZ, but his settlement was a bit larger than Ola Ray’s. Landis filed against the MJ estate for more than $2 million, and while his final payment is not confirmed, the music video director has also finally reached a settlement with the estate and production company.

In the meantime, if you need to reminisce on the classic MJ visual, take a look below.