4 Boss Moves to Make During Memorial Weekend

4 Boss Moves to Make During Memorial Weekend

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So, everyone is gearing up for the wild trips, fun barbeques or just relaxation for this upcoming three-day holiday. For many, Memorial Day weekend is a time to take a breather, with no thoughts of business, work or boss moves. But for leaders who are constantly on the grind and keeping it moving, this is prime time to hustle.

I recently moderated a super-inspiring panel that focused on creating secondary streams of revenue. Organized by a very enterprising young boss in her own right, Rhonesha Byng, this event featured a panel of media, finance and entertainment power women including author and relationship coach Tionna Smalls, a Brooklyn, N.Y native who was able to take her self-published book into boss moves overdrive with a new show on MTV.

A common theme among the diverse panel of women was that, while others are doing what everyone else does, they do the opposite—something fearless and out of the box—especially when it comes to networking. Smalls noted that she would often attend events, where she might be the only person of color in the room, to network with who’s who of the media and TV industries. Another panelist, travelista Johnica Reed, talked about how she’d use her time during happy hour, not solely for alcoholic debauchery, but to connect with people who’d turn out to be key investors in her advancement. She’s been able to travel the world and write about it—all expenses paid.

So, what better time than Memorial Day weekend to put those boss moves into action while everyone is knocking back pina coladas or spending their last at Las Vegas casinos? Here are four things you can do during the holiday—that many people probably won’t be doing—to get a step ahead:

1. Attend at least one quality event: It’s cool to hang out with friends by the beach or pool, but what about being strategic? With so many things going on in major cities during this time, take advantage of the locale you’re in and find time to meet people you don’t already know. Maybe that bartender works celebrity or corporate events. Maybe the neighboring group of women in your cabana also work in an industry you have interest in. Maybe that club owner or promoter has a lucrative network of contacts. You definitely want to be conscious of the timing and environment, but when you’re presented with a key moment, take the time to make your move to build new relationships that could benefit your brand or future side hustle.

2. Take an hour to plan a trip that mixes business with pleasure. Hey, you may need a vacay. But if you take the same trip around this time every year, why not dedicate next year’s to making boss moves? If there’s a conference or workshop planned, commit to attending it. Update your Websites and other branding information so that you can package and market yourself appropriately. Map out this trip as you’d do a vacay and kill two birds with one stone. Invite your friends to be part of the boss moves.

3. Volunteer: Again, this is something the average person probably won’t be doing during Memorial Day weekend. The less competition, the more you can shine. Find something you’re passionate about and offer your services. Take on extra work that your boss may not have the time or desire to do. Take on hours at a small business—that’s probably short-staffed around this time anyway—to get the gears moving for experience to apply to your own side hustle. Work with a nonprofit to be surrounded by a network that could advance your career.

4. Be the seller, not the buyer. Memorial Day weekend is full of opportunities to hustle. Vacationers are spending billions on leisure activities and services. And some are even nixing vacations for staycations. Why not be the person providing a service versus being the person spending the money? You have a knack for hairstyling? Well, there’s a stylist who’s not available—she’s on vacay herself—so step up, take on clients who need that last-minute service and get that money. You live near a major vacation hub or city? Look at the market and what consumers want while enjoying their leisure time and provide it. You offer virtual services? That executive on vacation may need you.

What are some boss moves you’ll be making during the holiday? Sound off and follow Janell on Twitter @JPHazelwood.