Meet The New Travel Host Who Wants To Take You Around The World With 'Fly Brother'
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Meet The New Travel Host Who Wants To Take You Around The World With ‘Fly Brother’

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Image: Pedro Serra

Due to the COVID-19, or novel coronavirus, pandemic, many of our summer travel plans have been put on hold as cities and countries around the world stay under quarantine. Luckily for travel enthusiasts, this travel expert is offering viewers an opportunity to travel around the world with him with his new PBS series.

Ernest White II is the host of the new series, Fly Brother, which started as a blog back in 2008 while he was living as an ex-pat in Colombia.

“I’ve always been interested in geography, cultures, languages, all of that. I was born with a curiosity about the world and would study maps and read about different countries, and my parents, other family members, and other adults in my community stoked that curiosity as I was growing up,” said White in an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE. “Finally, when I was 16, I went to Sweden as a foreign exchange student and my life was forever changed.”

Since then, White has traveled to over 70 countries using his creative storytelling talents to help others learn about different cultures and share the experiences of the people he meets along the way. The travel docu-series follows as White visits his friends, both old and new, in eight exciting destinations such as São Paulo, Namibia, and Mumbai.

During a time when many of us are uncertain of when we will be able to travel again, White hopes his show will help visitors experience a temporary escape through his storytelling. “The world is experiencing a radical transformation and travel, like every industry, will continue to change in unexpected ways.

“That said, humans desire connection and want to experience new places and people, and I think that desire will eventually override any trepidation people have about traveling,” said White. “Surely, this won’t be easy at first, and many safety procedures will need to be implemented—and followed—but in the meantime, there are plenty of virtual experiences and digital communities to keep us in a traveling mood until we can get back out into the world safely.”

You can watch the series through the Public Television Stations by checking your local listings.