Meet The 73-Year-Old Food Entrepreneur Who Calls Herself The Queen of Creole Cuisine

Meet The 73-Year-Old Food Entrepreneur Who Calls Herself The Queen of Creole Cuisine

Mozell Devereaux, owner of Queen of Creole
Image: Instagram

New Orleans is known for its signature creole cuisine that is native to Louisiana. The famous style of cooking blends West African, Haitian, French, Spanish, and Native American cultures as well as other parts of Southern states. One Louisiana native decided to use her family recipes to create her own catering service specializing in the regional cuisine.

Seventy-three-year old Mozell Devereaux is the founder and CEO of Queen of Creole, a food catering company serving made-from-scratch, oven-ready fresh pies, brownies, and cookies along with traditional Southern dishes like macaroni and cheese and her famous signature seafood gumbo. After retiring, she decided that she still wanted to work and launched her online catering business. She would go on YouTube and search the internet to learn ways how to structure her business from home and how to prepare her packages for customers.

“I even learned how to prepare and package my delicious sweet potato cornbread that only requires customers to add water upon delivery,” she told Black Business. Devereaux makes sure her fresh meals are delivered safely and straight to your door in an insulated box with dry ice.

She comes from a culinary cooking background; working as an executive chef and she graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in New York. In addition to her education, she brings 20 years of family recipes to her customers through her savory dishes.

Devereaux has also opened four other successful restaurants in addition to her catering business. She also works as a culinary consultant to help other businesses in the food and restaurant industry.