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Meet Rhonda L. Patterson: Managing Attorney at Patterson Law Office, LLC  

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Rhonda L. Patterson is the managing attorney at Patterson Law Office, LLC.  A native of North Carolina, and a “double Tar Heel,” Patterson launched her firm in September 2011 to provide legal services to individuals, families, and small business owners. Her clients include corporate executives, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and anyone facing legal hurdles. As a small business owner and mother, Patterson balances life’s challenges while providing excellent service to her clients.

On Why She Chose Law As a Profession

Patterson believes that her practice is her life’s calling. She has always wanted to practice law at a young age and was very good at critical thinking, public speaking, writing, and debate. “When I can [do to] bring my clients to a place of peace and resolution, I’m proud of what I do for a living and I feel as if I’m walking in my purpose.  In my journey to becoming an attorney, every door that needed to open, opened; every call that I needed to receive, was received. The process took work, believe me. Lots of hard work, but it never felt forced. It flowed, naturally. I believe that’s how it feels when you’ve found your calling,” Patterson explained.

On Common Misconceptions People Have When Hiring An Attorney

“I find that many people still believe that they cannot afford an attorney. Of course there are some attorneys that are out of budget for most of the middle class, however, the practice of law is a service industry; a service industry that has grown. Therefore, we must be flexible in order to attract and retain new clients. There are many lawyers out there competing for your business,” says Patterson. “You will have to weed out attorneys to find quality, but there are many great lawyers out there who attempt to be cost conscious and will try to work with your budget. Many will offer reduced billing rates or alternative fee or payment structures. Just ask,” Patterson explained.

On The Biggest Obstacle She’s Had to Face

“It would be amazing if we could perfectly juggle the many things we have to juggle in life—work, relationships, family, health, finances, community involvement. When all of those things are going well, life is great. When one of those things crashes to the ground, however, it can be difficult to keep the other balls in the air,” says Patterson. For her, the biggest obstacle she’s had to overcome was enduring the end of a relationship and becoming a single mother, while continuing to keep juggling life and business. “My clients, while mostly nice people, don’t care what I’m experiencing in my personal life. I have to show up and make a difference for them no matter how I may be feeling,” Patterson explained. “When life happens you must give it the attention it needs. You can’t let it paralyze you though. You can’t let it become a crutch. Push through pain and stay focused on your goals—it’s a great healer.”

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