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BE Modern Man: Meet “The Motivator” Jeff Scott

BE Modern Man - Jeff Scott

But Scott’s success has not been without challenges. “The greatest obstacles that I’m faced with daily surround maintaining my ethical beliefs. When relating to diverse communities I’m constantly faced with varied outlooks, understandings, and expectations. However, I always remain true and consistent with my approach which has allowed me to have a very trustworthy reputation,” says Scott.

If you’re attempting to build relationships within the entrepreneurial community, Scott offers these rules of engagement:

  • Identify the needs of the community
  • Identify the successful individuals and organizations who are operating businesses relative to your mission
  • Identify your target market and who you plan to cater to
  • Set realistic goals from the onset to effectively manage expectations

Also when collaborating with the community, Scott offers these tidbits of wisdom

  • “Listen before speaking.” It’s imperative that we seek first to understand, and then we can share our thoughts to be understood.
  • Be yourself at all times and remain true to your beliefs
  • Identify then acknowledge the end goal to ensure that everyone is on the same wave-length

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey and Every Day A Friday by Joel Osteen are also great resources for getting ahead.

If there’s one thing most people will agree with, it’s that there are many roads to success. “In my opinion, formal education is extremely important, but not for the specific knowledge you are able to retain, but for the practice, procedure, discipline and drive that is required to be successful.  Job opportunities are ever evolving which means we too have to evolve to maintain the success. I believe that individuals who can master the ability to constantly reinvent themselves have a greater opportunity to learn and perfect their craft. This also applies to those who are successful but chose to go the non-traditional route. They too are able to find success through their practice, procedure, discipline and drive.”

With a commitment to eradicate all negative stereotypes placed within the African American community and throughout the world, Jeff Scott, exemplifies the strength, resilience, and excellence of a BE Modern Man.