Matthew Knowles to Pay IRS More Than $1.2 Million

Matthew Knowles Owes IRS More Than $1.2 Million in Back Taxes

MATTHEW KNOWLESAs tax season recently came to an end, the IRS is taking a look at the long list of names that haven’t been persuaded to make their annual government payment. While many names consist of the general public, there are just as many celebrity names on that list, including Matthew Knowles.

According to TMZ, Mr. Knowles made millions while managing Beyoncé’s career, but never paid the necessary taxes on his earnings. While the former “dad-ager” may have made some payments throughout the years, the IRS claims Matthew Knowles still owes them more than $1.2 million.

Owing hundreds of thousands of dollars for his missed-payment-years, the government has stated that Knowles must pay $485,575.95 from 2010 and $728,004.89 from 2011, making that a grand total of $1,213,580.84. With the amount he owes in taxes, there’s no telling what the former pop manager was bringing in throughout the years.