Martinique Named the Safest Place to Visit in the Caribbean
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Martinique Has Been Named the Safest Place to Visit in the Caribbean

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White-sand beaches, tropical cocktails, and lazy sunsets are usually the first things that come to mind when you imagine a Caribbean getaway.

But the worst part about travel is having to look over your shoulder to ensure that you and your personal property are being protected while you’re away.

For some, it’s not a concern–you just want to enjoy the beauty and splendor of the Caribbean. But if safety is your first priority, look no further than Martinique. The French Caribbean island has been cited once again as the “Safest Destination in the Caribbean,” the designation published in the 2016 Caribbean Tourism Quality Index. Released during the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s “Caribbean Week” in New York (May 31—June 4, 2016), the Caribbean Tourism Quality Index is an annual study produced by Resonance Consultancy, an international leader in destination development, branding, and marketing headquartered in Vancouver and New York.

The Resonance study measures tourism’s supply-side performance and competitiveness in 28 destinations across the Caribbean. This marks the second time in recent years that Martinique has been recognized as the “Safest Destination in the Caribbean,” the previous designation stemming from a 2011 International Business Times study.

“As flowers are an international symbol of peace, I suppose it’s fitting, in a way, that The Isle of Flowers should be recognized like this,” said Muriel Wiltord, director Americas for the Martinique Promotion Bureau. “In reality, though, it is the warmth and welcoming spirit of the Martinican people and the steadfast dedication of our local authorities that keeps us at the top for travel safety.”

“Our recent strong run of awards, honors, and this top safety ranking validates Martinique’s continued emergence as the new ‘it’ destination in the Caribbean for U.S. travelers,” said Wiltord.

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