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Manage Remote Meetings Seamlessly with this $40 automated meeting scheduler

(Image via Anna Shvets)

You would think that migrating to remote work would make scheduling a lot easier, but the ugly truth is that it’s just as hard, if not harder. Back when we visited the office, we had to run from room to room for scheduled meetings. All of that is being handled virtually now, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you or your colleagues got meeting times or virtual room links mixed up.

Remote work requires us to be more organized, so a planner that helps you manage your time is vital. Organizing your schedule manually can be a pain, though. Luckily, TimeSync takes the stress out of scheduling, and you can get a one-year subscription for just $29.99.

Novocall TimeSync Pro is a web-based online meeting scheduler featuring powerful integrations that make organizing your work schedule easy. All you have to do is sync TimeSync with a business calendar like Google Calendar or Hangouts to keep tabs on your scheduled meetings and calls. TimeSync integrates with Hubspot CRM and Salesforce CRM, allowing you to sync your activities with your team and avoid scheduling conflicts. TimeSync also allows you to create filters so that only qualified meetings get scheduled.

Once it’s time to start a meeting, you can make phone or video calls from TimeSync thanks to Zoom and Google Hangouts integrations. Finally, you can label different meetings with different purposes, such as sales booking, job interviews, and more. This allows you to be as detailed with your scheduling as you want to be.

Organization is the key to success during quarantine. TimeSync makes managing your schedule seamless and easy. 1-year subscriptions to TimeSync Pro are on sale for $29.99, and you can get lifetime access for just $10 more.