Prepping for College and Beyond

Making a Difference

Audrey Chisholm (top) (Photo by Ryan Ketterman)
  • Find mentors or groups with a similar purpose. Before starting Revolution Leadership, Chisholm sat on the board of a nonprofit and made valuable contacts, such as the former president of the New York Stock Exchange, and was able to take those skills and experiences and implement them in her organization. “I was able to say, ‘This is how we can best serve our demographic and really make an impact.’” It will give you ideas on how to structure your nonprofit and give you access to other professionals who can assist you when you hit a road bump.
  • Bounce back from failure: “People starting out for the first time don’t think failure’s involved,” says Chisholm. “When I first started the retreat I heard so many no’s. Everybody that I went to and asked for money said no. You have a choice. Are you going to say this wasn’t meant to be and just leave it alone, or are you going to continue pushing to find another way? You have to be willing to push through it. You’re going to encounter resistance but you have to be willing to not abandon it. We need those ideas and we need more quality nonprofits that will reach the community, but the only way you can get there is when you push through.”