Madison Jaye Talks Building A Career In Media and Developing A Brand

Madison Jaye Talks Building a Career In Media and Developing a Brand

Madison Jaye, media personality
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Madison Jaye, media personality
Madison Jaye, media personality (Photo courtesy of

Who are the Jaye Dolls, and in what way(s) are they an important aspect to your brand?  
JayeDolls, I always love this question. Lately the kingdom, as they like to call themselves, has expanded to the JayeRoyals. Originally my online supporters were mostly women, and I wanted all of my supporters to understand they were the greatest contributors to the growth of my brand. I soon combined “Jaye” to the word “doll”, and eventually I expanded to the “gents” and “royals” because I believe everyone is royalty.They are the Madison Jaye Brand, so they deserve to be a part of it. 

I love my dolls, gents, and royals as well as the awesome JayeKingdom who are all over the world! They inspire me and help me grow in so many ways. Someone once asked me why do I refer to my JayeRoyals as kings and queens and I responded by saying that what we speak into existence and what I see in all of them is royalty so that’s actually where the name stems from. 

You have begun to reinvent yourself and the Madison Jaye Brand. What does this brand reinvention look like and what can we expect from the new Madison Jaye?
I wouldn’t call it a reinvention, I would call it an expansion! What I want for people to understand is that this is their blog and media platform. It’s a way of connecting the world to get any portion of information that you may desire. If you want to look good, if you want to feel good, if you want celebrity news, if you want technology information, sports, or relationship columns the content is available for consumption. I have writers contributing from all over the world, so whatever you were looking for you can go to to see it.

I started with just celebrity news, but I realize by only sticking with that small portion of the brand, I was limiting myself and my viewers, so I decided to incorporate diverse concepts that different people would be interested in. I want everyone to feel like this is their personal blog, so I had to expand further than just celebrity interviews. What you can expect from in the near future is growth. We have several writers from South Africa, some in the UK, and are now working on some in Scotland.

What are three pieces of advice you have  for millennial women interested in a career in media?  
Three pieces of advice I would give to millennial women interested in a career in media are:

  1. No doesn’t mean no, it just means not now. The no’s are there to strengthen your spirit and build character. Just because someone says no it doesn’t necessarily mean no, it could just mean that it’s not your time yet. But that doesn’t mean give up, you have to push past the no and the disappointments and keep going.
  2. Build your own base, connect with your audience, and most importantly be your organic self. Being your true self is what people will gravitate to. People can spot a phony. Just be you and work with your unique personality, because we all have amazing characteristics within ourselves Dig deep. Figure out what you are good at and nurture that.
  3. Listen to my free audiobook called Gaining Wealth. The purpose of the FREE audiobook is for you to gain wealth, spiritually, mentally, financially, and emotionally. Whether we know it or not, we are all on a quest to seek a higher purpose and our higher selves. The audiobook will give you all the tools you will ever need to manifest wealth in every way imaginable. You will unlock the diverse attributes hidden within yourself to help you attract the positive energy of the universe that work in your favor to gain prosperity.