Lil Wayne, Rick Ross Music Banned from Michigan Radio Station

Michigan Radio Station Bans Rick Ross and Lil Wayne’s Music

lil wayne rick ross

An urban radio station in Muskegon, Michigan, has decided to pull the music of hip-hop artists Lil Wayne and Rick Ross because of both rappers’ controversial lyrics, Clutch reports.

103.7 The Beat said in a statement released yesterday that they are concerned about the messages in Lil Wayne’s “Karate Chop,” that makes a troubling reference to Emmett Till, and Rick Ross’s s “”U.O.E.N.O (NSFW) ” which describes a date rape.

The station wrote:

…While some feel it’s only entertainment, many feel it sends and encourages the wrong message.  Several individuals and organizations have taken a stand and so are we.  Effective immediately Muskegon’s WUVSlp 103.7 the Beat has pulled ALL Lil Wayne and Rick Ross music from rotation.  We pride ourselves on playing music that is non-degrading and non-violent. While we believe in freedom of speech, creative writing and individualism, we refuse to be part of the problem by spreading messages that could harm or end someone’s life.

Read the entire press release here.