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Laughter is the Medicine We Can All Use More Of


I once read that it takes more facial muscles to frown than it does to smile, on the inside of a Snapple bottle cap. I don’t know what number Snapple Fact it was, but, I Googled it and while there is not much scientific data that supports the factoid, it’s something to take into consideration! What there is scientific data on is the fact there are health benefits to laughter. John Hopkins University Medical School found that laughter helps people improve their memory and mental health and performance. In other words, laughter is therapeutic.

Other research shows that a giggle here and there can help you boost your immunity, decrease blood pressure, help with blood flow to your organs, and reduce pain.

So the next time you think about frowning or holding back on laughing, remember to let it all out. Because there is power in laughter.

5 ways to laugh out loud

1. Curate your entertainment – Subscribe to humorous social media accounts and be intentional about finding time to unwind. After all, our timelines are convoluted with hard news, brutality, and updates about 45 (Trump).


2. Find humor in awkward situations – It’s easy to cave into yourself when you feel out of place or don’t know what to say, so crack a joke.


3. Laugh at yourself – Stop taking yourself so seriously! It’s a great way to practice being kind to yourself.


4. Spend time with jovial people – You are the company you keep. Surround yourself with people who have good energy and are positive.


5. Attend a comedy show – If you sit in the front row you might be made fun of (it’s only right!) but you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the art of making people laugh. You’ll even get a good workout in!


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