Kelly Rowland Opens Up About Balancing the Demands of Motherhood and Career

Kelly Rowland Opens Up About Balancing the Demands of Motherhood and Career

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As Spring continues to bloom and the weather slowly warms up, millions of Americans across the nation are keeping their Kleenex on standby as they fight the flaring symptoms of allergies. This year, Grammy award-winning singer and allergy sufferer Kelly Rowland has partnered with the popular brand Claritin to kick off the Spring season.

On March 20th, Rowland and Claritin celebrated their partnership and the close of winter with a live performance in New York and invited The City of New York Department of Sanitation to honor their hard work in ensuring the city’s streets were cleared and safe this snowy winter.

With a new title as mommy and wife under her belt and a highly successful career to juggle, caught up with the singer to get insights on her partnership with Claritin, her thoughts on the work/life balance concept and what new projects she has in the works this summer.

[Related: Kelly Rowland on Baby Weight Loss and 5 Affordable Foods that Burn Fat] How did your partnership with Claritin come about?

Kelly Rowland: Well, I think I’m one of the millions of people who have to deal with allergies around this time of the year. I’ve been taking Claritin for years and when this opportunity was brought to me it was very natural because of course I suffer from the runny nose and the watery eyes. I actually grew into my allergies and they didn’t come to me until I turned 30 so I didn’t know where it came from. I started taking Claritin and it was very natural for me to be partnering up with them. It’s worked for me for years.

As a new mom and wife with a busy career, do you believe in the concept of work/life balance?

You know what, I remember hearing Diane Von Furstenberg say that the truth of the matter is that she just has to work and the truth is I have to work. I want my son to have a better life and childhood than I did, so I’m going to work my butt off to make sure that he does. I want us to have vacations every year and there are certain goals that I have for myself and my son in order for us to live pleasant and happy.

What advice do you have for new career moms who feel guilty about work taking them away from their time as a mother?

Something that I do in the morning with Titan is just hold him and have story time, which means so much to me. I just love the fact that the time I’m able to spend with him I’m actually pouring into his spirit as well. I would tell [new moms] that the most important part is of course spending time with your child and not neglecting them, but it’s also important to provide for them as well.

What projects can we look forward to you coming out with this spring and summer?

I’m actually working on an album, and a few other opportunities that are in the really early stages that don’t have anything to do with music. I’m really excited about them, but more so the music than anything. I feel like I’m in a different space. I think a part of it is my son, but another part of it is also just being a woman. I feel like delivering my son made me feel like a superhero. It’s so many things that I think women are remarkable for and so I just want to talk about that on the record. And I’m really happy and I just want to express that happiness on the album as well and my journey to happiness.

Watch the video below to see Rowland’s live performance from her Claritin event: