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Justin Bieber’s DJ Tay James: The Secret of My Success

Endorsements: Make Big Bucks Using Your Name or Likeness

These days, endorsements are everything and may very well be one of the top avenues to earn money as a DJ outside of performance gigs. Whether it be aligning your brand with an innovative electronics company like Monster Cable (the makers of the Beats headphones series) or pushing a car brand as famed MTV and NYC’s Hot 97 DJ, Funkmaster Flex has done over the years through his partnership with Ford Motors, the opportunities are endless for a DJ that has amassed a large following.

For James, who’s nabbed endorsements with Rocksmith Clothing, Boomphones and Vestax among others, the ball just started to roll. “Some endorsements can be monetary, some can just be product placement. Like, ‘We’ll just give you this product and you just wear it here, you Tweet it there, or you take a picture with it on,’” he explains. “There’s a bunch of ways to go down the endorsement route.”

He continues, “If you ever seen Kim Kardashian on Twitter and she mentions G-Shock, it’s probably because she’s getting paid to say something about them… Honestly, I can say that it’s now easier to make money then it was before. There are so many different ways that you can reach people [and get paid for it] and so many different niches you can have.”

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