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Justin Bieber’s DJ Tay James: The Secret of My Success

Social Networking: Leverage Your Reach by Being Innovative

“Video is definitely another avenue. One thing that I’ve been doing with my We Know the DJ is I film everything. So I get a lot of hits on YouTube and I’ve been trying to use that to my advantage too,” James says about using social networking sites to build his economic portfolio.

“I started doing a We Know the DJ series, which just showcases what a DJ does on tour. Like a lot of my friends and family won’t even know what I saw, what foods I was eating or what people that I was meeting. So instead of taking pictures, I just started documenting everything and I started getting a lot [more] hits on YouTube. [Now,] I have over five million views on my page.”

But it’s not just about the attention he’s garnered from fans around the globe that keeps James going. Having five million views on his YouTube channel has sparked the interest of brands wanting to advertise on his page to attract his steady flow of content consumers, whom they hope will happily convert into buyers of their products. Whether they do or not is of no concern to James, who gets paid either way. “I’m just trying to get it all ways,” he says. “This is what I learned. I learned all of this in school, honestly.”

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