Jon Stewart: Top Commentary on Race, Black Lives Matter and More
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Jon Stewart Says Goodbye: Top ‘The Daily Show’ Moments on Race, Black Lives Matter and More

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Thursday night, Jon Stewart cracked his last jokes and commentary as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, offering audiences his usual award-winning satire and leaving big shoes to fill for his successor, Trevor Noah.

Stewart, known for his snarky, smart commentary on current affairs, doesn’t hold his tongue on issues he’s passionate about, many directly impacting minorities. Commemorating his contribution to pop culture, news, and public debate, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio declared August 6 as ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart‘ Day.

From sentimental to controversial to shocking or brutally honest, check out top, defining commentary from Stewart’s legacy:

On the Charleston Church Shootings


On Ferguson Unrest and Michael Brown Shooting


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One-On-One with President Obama



On Racism and the Washington Redskins Name Change